Political Art: Welcome to the Series

This is the beginning of a series of articles examining political art in the information age, giving an introduction as to how art has developed, spread, and changed, during the age of the internet and the technological revolution.

In less than two decades the world has changed dramatically.

While satellites opened the way for global imagery in the 1980s, the internet now allows an even greater sharing of global information, and with that, a sharing of ideals.

Internet map

This spread of information comes with wide-reaching effects and ramifications whether it is in challenging the censorship of autocracies, or questioning how far freedom of speech really goes in countries that claim to value it.

The web has allowed the spread of information to become a world-wide phenomena over the last 10 years, a period during which the internet has gone from being a geek niche to the ubiquitous behemoth it is today.

This has opened up a range of strange and bizarre paradoxes: regions with the greatest poverty have been able to use the power of technology to tell of their plight; the USA, that basion of free speech, is leading the way in trying to clamp down on aspects of its freedom; truth itself has become blurred and the claim “the camera never lies” can no longer be taken for granted.

I will set out to show the artistic imagery, designs, inspiration, and methodology of the various styles which have developed alongside the internet and the technological revolution. Many of the images are well known and familiar works, and others more specialist, they all share one thing – it’s art spread by the internet.


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